About Us

Men and women in a seated yoga pose in a bright studio

Our story

Resilience Yoga is the next iteration of a studio that’s been around since 2014

In 2013, when the yoga studio that they’d been attending for several years closed, Ginty Burns & Joanne Heaney decided that they couldn’t let it (and its community) go. Together they began planning a new studio to take its place. The journey had its setbacks: unable to move into the same space (the landlord wanted to sell the building), they spent many hours exploring other locations in the Port Credit area, looking at potential floor plans, and hunting for furnishings and fixtures. They had selected a new location and were about to sign a lease and begin construction when, at the 11th  hour, the original landlord had a change of heart. All other plans were abandoned and it was back to the starting location. On April 1 2014, the studio opened as Port Credit Yoga and within a few months became Yoga Seven. Offering yoga and fitness classes, as well as special interest workshops and fun events, the studio provided a welcoming and non-judgmental oasis for a thriving community of yogis.

Sadly, at the end of their 5-year lease, the studio had to move and their landlord set about opening a competing business. Space was hard to come by, and only a substantially smaller studio could be found. However, this did not dampen the spirits of the owners, the teachers, or the dedicated community. Despite barriers placed in their way by city councils and landlords, Joanne and Ginty persisted with their plans to make the studio the best it could possibly be—a place for people to come and bend, stretch, breathe, or just be. But one year later, their plans came to a sudden end.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic changed everyone’s lives.

Anticipating that the COVID-19 pandemic would last longer than the initial “three-week” closure initiated by the government, Joanne & Ginty gave up the bricks-and-mortar space and embraced the world of live-streamed classes. Learning more than they ever wanted to know about cameras, microphones, and Zoom, they offered a full class schedule and a video library of past classes and pre-recorded content. Some people stayed away, preferring to wait for in-person classes again, but a dedicated group of yogis was determinedly present – some for a class every single day – throughout the pandemic.

Yoga studios were closed to in-person classes for almost 18 months. Some never re-opened.

In September 2021, Ginty signed a 6-month lease in a beautiful new space, just to see if people would come back to yoga after the pandemic shutdowns.  Gradually, they did. In February 2022, the lease was extended a further 6 months but at the same time the building was put on the market. It sold within a month… Yoga Seven needed to move again, this time with Ginty as sole owner. With nothing suitable in Port Credit, a new location was secured in the neighbouring area of Lorne Park, and a decision made to re-brand for a fresh start. The word that most people used when hearing the story of how Yoga Seven continually bounced back from pitfalls was “resilience”. COVID-19 had taught us that we must be flexible, embrace change, learn, and move on. And so Resilience Yoga was born, but with the same great teachers, the same community of yogis, the same focus on enhancing mental and physical health, the same positive outlook, and the same embracing of playfulness and joy.

Our team

Resilience Yoga’s professional teachers are dedicated to their art, whether it be yoga, meditation, or our variety of fitness classes. We do not work to a formula: each teacher has a different background and different training and will bring their own unique personality and experience to their classes. We believe this is important so each person can find a teacher that connects with them and allows them to get the most out of their bodies and minds.

Whatever your experience level or goals, you can count on their in-depth knowledge, experience, and creativity to help foster a place of learning and deeper personal connection.

Yoga teacher Angie
Angela Nistor
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Photograph of Blake Sayers
Blake Sayers
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Photograph of Carol Pyke
Carol Pyke
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Yoga teacher Claudette
Claudette Beetles
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Yoga teacher Erica
Erica Perry
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Yoga teacher Ginty
Ginty Burns
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Yoga teacher Izabela
Izabela Sadowska
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Yoga teacher Kim
Kimberley Noble
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Yoga teacher Margo
Margo McDougall
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Image of Melissa Scheichl
Melissa Scheichl
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Yoga teacher Sara
Sarah Henry
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Photo of teacher Tammy Secko
Tammy Secko
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Yoga teacher Tommy
Tommy Ferris
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Yoga teacher Yolande
Yolande McLean
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Our manifesto

We are strong, flexible, and resilient. We act to create a stable foundation in our lives and to keep our minds and bodies healthy. We accept people as they are, fostering a sense of community and valuing our differences. In the face of chaos, we calmly focus on the present. We step fearlessly beyond our comfort zone, inviting change and growth while celebrating playfulness and creativity.

Our members

A group of happy women and a man after a yoga class at Resilience Yoga.

Resilience Yoga’s memberships provide an opportunity for you to connect to something greater than yourself to advance your own practice and to support and inspire others. It’s also a way for you to demonstrate your commitment to keeping your own mind and body healthy and whole.

Whether you want to take 4, 8, or unlimited classes in a month, there’s a monthly membership to suit your needs. Membership not only gives you access to in-person or live-streamed yoga and fitness classes; it also provides you with an on-demand video library that you can access from anywhere, on any device, wherever and whenever you want. You also receive discounts on workshops and special events, as well as on some retail products.

Don’t want in-person classes? There’s even a membership for just virtual classes.

Remember, Resilience Yoga is a welcoming and non-judgmental community. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never placed your toes on a yoga mat before. You don’t need to know all the terminology or poses or have new workout clothing. You don’t have to keep up with everyone else. You just need to join the class and be. Through regular participation and commitment to your own health and wellbeing, you will experience moments of peace, joy, acceptance, introspection, and gratitude. You’ll feel stronger and more confident and resilient; able to navigate life in a richer, more empowered way.

Our awards

Resilience Yoga is very proud and honoured to have been recognized by our community (as Yoga Seven prior to 2023):

CommunityVotes Mississauga 2023 Gold & Silver awards in the Yoga and Meditation category
CommunityVotes Mississauga 2022 Platinum award in the Yoga and Meditation Category
Mississauga News 2021 Readers’ Choice Diamond Award for Best Yoga Studio
Mississauga News 2020 Readers’ Choice Platinum Award for Best Yoga Studio
Mississauga News 2019 Readers’ Choice Platinum Award for Best Yoga Studio
Mississauga News 2018 Readers’ Choice Silver Award for Best Yoga Studio
Star of Mississauga South 2017 Professional Service Excellence Award Winner
Mississauga News 2017 Readers’ Choice Gold Award for Best Yoga Studio
Port Credit Business Improvement Association 2017 Good Neighbour Award
Mississauga News 2016 Readers’ Choice Silver Award for Best Yoga Studio
Star of Mississauga South 2016 Rising Star Nominee
Star of Mississauga South 2014 Rising Star Nominee