Resilience yoga is the next iteration of a studio that’s been around since 2014

In 2013, when the yoga studio that they’d been attending for several years closed down, Ginty Burns & Joanne Heaney decided that they couldn’t just let it (and its community) go. Together they began the process of starting a new studio in its place. The initial journey had its setbacks: unable to move into the same space (the landlord wanted to sell the building), they spent many hours exploring other locations in the Port Credit area, looking at floor plans, and hunting for furnishings and fixtures. They were about to sign a lease and begin construction when, at the 11th hour, the original landlord had a change of heart. All plans were abandoned and it was back to the original location with an opening date of April 1, 2014.

The studio opened under the temporary name of Port Credit Yoga and within a few months became Yoga Seven. Offering yoga and fitness classes, as well as special interest workshops and fun events (nutrition, mala making, vino & vinyasa, meditation, Thai massage, couples yoga to name just a few), the studio provided a welcoming and non-judgmental oasis for a thriving community of yogis.

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